Looking for a special gift ?

Your portrait into a modernized work of art.
These little artworks (acrylic glass or alu dibond) are a great way of surpricing someone with a special gift.

Various size options to choose for your print are available (More information available on request)


Acrylic glass

Acrylic photo prints have become the industry standard for art galleries and photo expositions.
Acrylic glass is a plastic fabricated using derivatives of acrylic acid that preserves the same main properties of common glass: transparency, lucidity, clarity and translucency. However, the acrylic glass is half of the weight of common glass. And that’s not all! Our impact-resistant acrylic prints are up to 10 times less likely to get broken!

Alu Dibond

Alu-Dibond prints have a flat, matt and satin finish that makes colors appear more radiant. It presents a non-glare view and isn’t predisposed of being speckled by fingerprints. If you’re thinking of printing a photo where clarity is mandatory, then a matte finish will suit you the best.

Various size options to choose for your print

Other sizes are available:  90 x 60,  105 x 70